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  • Uses of Color coated coil

    In addition to the protection of the zinc layer, the color coated steel strip using hot-dip galvanized steel strip as the base material also plays a covering and protective role on the zinc layer, which can prevent the steel strip from rusting and has a longer service life than the galvanized str...
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  • The specific method of using corrugated nails.

    In the nail market, corrugated nails have developed rapidly in just a few years and quickly occupied the market. Its use in home decoration is also increasing. Not only does it have a certain market in China, but it also has good sales abroad. Corrugated nails have some features that ordinary nai...
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  • Galvanized wire production and processing techniques

    Galvanized steel wire is processed from low carbon steel wire rod. It is made of low carbon steel and undergoes processes such as drawing forming, pickling and rust removal, high temperature annealing, and hot dip galvanizing. Galvanized iron wire has good toughness and elasticity. It has the cha...
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  • Tianjin hot-rolled strip prices weaken and transactions are sluggish

    Tianjin Strip Steel: Tianjin hot-rolled strip steel prices weakened on the 11th. As of press time, the hot-rolled strip market in Tianjin is quoted at 3,710-3,730 yuan/ton for products below 2.5*360mm, and 3,690-3,720 yuan/ton for products above 3.5*685mm, both including tax. When the market open...
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  • Black steel pipe

    Black pipe is one of the most common steel pipes.If cold-rolled steel is heated to the annealing temperature, the surface color will turn black due to high temperature contact with air, which is called black stripping. Its surface has not been brightened, so it is black. The physical properties b...
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  • Portable scaffolding features

    Name: Portable scaffolding Description: The portable scaffolding has a locking device designed to prevent accidental unlocking or disengagement of the loose bolt. The height of the platform can be adjusted according to the working height. Portable mobile scaffolding can be used as a cart, shelf o...
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  • Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China

    We, Tianjin Goldensun Group will attend five exhibitions home and abroad. Welcome to visit us. Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China Oct. 15-19: Booth No.: 13.1H39 Oct. 23-27: Booth No.: 13.1L09 Excon 2023 Capeco in Lima, Peru Oct. 18-21 Booth No.: B-111 Yiwu Fair in Yiwu, China Oct. 21-24, Booth No. :...
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  • C-shaped steel

    1. There are serrations on the inner folds of the C-shaped steel, which can be effectively anti-skid, impact-resistant, shear-resistant, and convenient and reliable connection of the entire system. 2. There are auxiliary scale marks on the surface of C-shaped steel, which can be assembled and pro...
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  • Steel market report

    Overview: In early trading today, the ex-factory price of Tangshan Qian’an steel billet was 3440 yuan/ton higher than yesterday, and the ex-factory price of Lulong steel billet in Qinhuangdao was 3440 yuan/ton higher than yesterday. In the morning, the transactions in the steel billet marke...
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  • Can galvanized steel wire be permanently rust-free in life?

       Can galvanized steel wire be permanently rust-free in life? Obviously, very few manufacturers can give an answer, and they can only roughly say a time. The following galvanized wire manufacturers will briefly analyze which factors affect the rusting of galvanized steel wire and how long it tak...
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  • What are the benefits and advantages galvanized sheet coil?

    1. Coated galvanized steel sheets are very popular in adapting to various environments and have a long anti-corrosion period, but the anti-corrosion period is different in different environments. 2. The processing cost is low, and the anti-rust cost of galvanized sheet is lower than that of other...
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  • Specifically introduce the role of concrete nails

    We are all familiar with concrete nails, which are widely used in the decoration industry. Concrete steel nails are a kind of nails, which have strong hardness, excellent toughness, and strong penetration ability. Made of high-quality steel, it can be directly nailed into ordinary brick walls, ce...
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