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The specific method of using corrugated nails.

In the nail market, corrugated nails have developed rapidly in just a few years and quickly occupied the market. Its use in home decoration is also increasing. Not only does it have a certain market in China, but it also has good sales abroad. Corrugated nails have some features that ordinary nails do not have. The correction is that it has strong anti-rust ability, so it is widely used in modern home decoration, opening up its decoration market. Corrugated nails have become a hot-selling product and have many advantages in addition to the above points.

According to the different shapes of the nail caps, they can be divided into parallel and arc-shaped corrugated nails. Due to the different designs of the nail shafts, there are several types: bare body, ring pattern, spiral and square. Buyers can buy different types of corrugated nails according to different usage conditions. Or customize the required corrugated nail style to achieve the best fixing effect.

In newer furniture, butt joints (joined planks of wood simply butted together, face to face, edge to edge, or facing edge, without a self-fastening mechanism) are glued or fixed with corrugated nails. Dovetail joints rarely come apart; if they do, inject adhesive into the loose joint and tap the joint with a hammer to hold it together. Butt joints are treated differently. If you want to tighten a loose butt joint, try gluing the joint and then tapping it to join it as firmly as possible.

Generally, certain cracking phenomena will be found in general wooden furniture after being used for a long time. Corrugated nails can be used to fix the surface, so that the above phenomena will not occur in future use.
Corrugated nails are used a lot in our lives, so they have become a hot-selling product. Corrugated nails will be used more in the future, and corrugated nails will also be constantly improved and changed.


Post time: Jun-13-2024
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