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Portable scaffolding features

Name: Portable scaffolding

Description: The portable scaffolding has a locking device designed to prevent accidental unlocking or disengagement of the loose bolt. The height of the platform can be adjusted according to the working height.

Portable mobile scaffolding can be used as a cart, shelf or workbench. It is lightweight and widely used. It can be lifted and lowered freely to improve work efficiency. The thickened and widened design ensures peace of mind.

Portable scaffolding features:
1. The casters are removable, casters, 360-degree turning, and equipped with a locking device.
2. The frame has hooks for placing tools, etc.
3. Spring to prevent the latch from accidentally loosening, and the working platform can be placed at different heights.
4. No tools are required for installation, easy to install and disassemble, easy to open and close.
5. It can be packaged and transported after disassembly.

Style: H frame scaffold, door frame scaffold

Post time: Dec-19-2023
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