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C-shaped steel

1. There are serrations on the inner folds of the C-shaped steel, which can be effectively anti-skid, impact-resistant, shear-resistant, and convenient and reliable connection of the entire system.

2. There are auxiliary scale marks on the surface of C-shaped steel, which can be assembled and processed conveniently on the spot. The waist-shaped hole on the back is convenient for assembly and adjustment. After forming, the surface is treated with hot-dip galvanizing or epoxy resin spraying, no maintenance in the middle and later stages, and the appearance is beautiful;


All kinds of accessories and C-shaped steel can be matched at will, and the safety factor is stainless steel trough bridge stainless steel bridge (corrosion-resistant). It has simple structure, novel style, large load, light weight and corrosion resistance. Long service life and easy assembly. It is suitable for general environmental areas, and it can show its unique anti-corrosion characteristics in coastal foggy areas, high stainless steel plates and irritating natural environments.C CHANNEL

Nowadays, the development trend of stainless steel materials has made the corrosion resistance, appearance, process performance, compressive strength and other characteristics of stainless steel materials far higher than other raw materials, and many surface treatment methods of stainless steel materials can obtain rich colors And appearance, which makes a greater contribution to the development of stainless steel materials. The stainless steel bridge is made of stainless steel plates of different types and specifications. The surface usually does not need to be treated. The compressive strength and corrosion resistance of the cable bridge are much higher than that of the ordinary cable bridge. It is silver, dull and hot. It is mainly used for rough and matte surfaces that require thickness, and then quenched and descaled. So what is the price of C-shaped steel? In fact, the price of C-shaped steel is related to the quantity purchased and the area purchased. The usual price of C-shaped steel is usually 4-5,000 yuan per ton. If you happen to have a demand for C-shaped steel recently, please call us.

Post time: Aug-17-2023
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