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Steel market report

Overview: In early trading today, the ex-factory price of Tangshan Qian’an steel billet was 3440 yuan/ton higher than yesterday, and the ex-factory price of Lulong steel billet in Qinhuangdao was 3440 yuan/ton higher than yesterday. In the morning, the transactions in the steel billet market were average, and the prices of downstream finished products remained stable and strengthened.

The following are the prices and transaction details of Tangshan by category:


Tangshan section steel ex-factory: the price is stable and weakening. The current price of mainstream steel mills is 3,780 yuan/ton for I-beam, 3,710 yuan/ton for angle steel, and 3,700 yuan/ton for channel steel. Spot market sentiment, downstream procurement is active, and the overall transaction volume is increasing.

【strip steel】

Tangshan 145 strip steel market: the mainstream price is more stable than yesterday, the market mainstream quotation is 3660-3690 yuan/ton, and the transaction is average.

Tangshan 355 strip steel market: the price is 20 higher than yesterday, and the mainstream spot is 3690. The forward market is basically the same as the spot resource, and the transaction is weak.

【Hot coil, cold rolled base material】

Tangshan open flat plate market: the price is temporarily stable compared with yesterday. The mainstream 1500 wide common open flat plate in the market is reported at 3770 yuan/ton, and manganese open flat plate is quoted at 3910 yuan/ton. The quotation in early trading stabilized, but the transaction was weak.

Tangshan cold-rolled base material market: the price is 20 yuan/ton higher than yesterday, and the market mainstream 3.0*1010 is 3720 yuan/ton; 3.0*1210 is 3720 yuan/ton. The spot quotations in the market are the main ones, and the transactions are average.

【Middle plate】

Tangshan medium and thick plate market: the price is stable compared with yesterday, 14-30 common plate is reported at 4020 yuan/ton, and low alloy is reported at 4220 yuan/ton. Today, Tangshan Steel’s spot price at Jingtang Port is 4070 yuan / ton. The quotation is the main one, but the transaction is weak.


Tangshan welded pipe and galvanized pipe market: prices remain stable, 4-inch 3.75mm new national standard hot-dip galvanized pipe, Tangshan Huaqi reported 4,600 yuan/ton; weak.

Tangshan market buckle-type steel pipe scaffolding: the price is stable, 2.5m vertical pole 5360-5390 yuan / ton, 0.9m horizontal pole 5250-5300 yuan / ton, diagonal tie rod 5170-5220 yuan / ton, including tax and weighing. Prices remained stable with weak transactions.

【Building materials】

Tangshan construction steel market: the price has been raised by 10 yuan/ton, and now the third-grade large thread is 3710 yuan/ton, the third-grade small thread is 3890 yuan/ton, and the coil snail is 3930 yuan/ton. The quotation is slightly raised, and the transaction is average.


Tangshan steel billets are generally sold directly, and the spot price in storage is 3510-3520 yuan / ton including tax. The price of downstream finished products rose steadily by 10-20, and the overall transaction was generally weak. The ex-factory price of billets is expected to remain stable in the afternoon.

Post time: May-17-2023
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