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Many country customs ask the CTN Certification.

What is senegalese CTN certification?

CTN is an abbreviation of Cargo Tracking Note.

According to the requirement of the Senegal (Senegal), customs, shipping to Senegal Dakar (Senegal) (Dakar) or with the port cargo must be transferred to the other destinations for electronic goods tracking tickets CTN, if you don’t apply this CTN will be regarded as violation of Senegal (Senegal) customs for import to Senegal (Senegal), the special provisions of the regulations, and automatically punished at the port of destination.

As required by the shipping company, the shipper must provide the senegalese CTN number of the exported goods (some shipping companies require it to be shown on the bill of lading) before issuing the original bill of lading, otherwise the original bill of lading cannot be issued.


The port requiring Senegal CTN certification

CTN certification is required for all shipments to Senegal, where the most important ports are DAKAR, KALOLACK and ZIGHINKOR.

Post time: Nov-06-2019
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