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PPGI roofing sheet is a new type of roofing sheet

Color-coated roofing(ppgi sheet) is a new type of roofing sheet, which is considered to be the most ideal material for modern buildings, and has a relatively long life. There are many precautions for installing the color-coated roof as the bottom plate, and professional construction masters are required to install it.

Before installation, the contaminants on the color-coated roofing sheet must be cleaned to avoid corrosion of the sheet. In addition, the flatness of the sheet should be paid attention to during installation, and there should be no bending deformation. The color-coated roofing sheet overlap each other with a wave crest, so it has been recognized by many users. The whole system of the aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing sheet adopts the mechanized seaming mode, which can avoid the occurrence of water leakage, and has a good drainage system, especially in the weather of heavy rain, the water can be discharged in time, It can avoid the huge pressure caused by the extrusion of water and prevent the deformation of the project. This will be more solid, and there will be no water leakage. It is best to have reliable anchoring, keep the installation flat, and leave no gaps between the steel sheets.


The installation of color-coated steel sheet requires a well-developed lightning protection system design from high to low. The corrugated sheet can be used as an air-termination device alone, and there is no need to set up a lightning protection belt. It can also be used in conjunction with the safety belt or lightning rod to form a safe multiple lightning protection system; the installation method from the middle part to the edge, and the lap joint method is from low to high. After the steel plate installation starting line is installed, select self-tapping screws to lock both ends, and then install the second steel plate. It is necessary to install the second color-coated roofing sheet and mark it to check whether there is any deviation of the sheet, and it needs to meet the design requirements. After the installation is completed, pay attention to check whether there are any omissions. If the tightening is not enough, there will be rain leakage, so be sure to pay attention.

Post time: Jun-22-2022
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