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Summary of Welded Steel Pipes: Prices Fall Fast, Slight Rebound

On June 15, domestic welded steel pipe prices continued to fall. The monitoring data of Lange Steel Cloud Business Platform shows that the average price of 4-inch (3.75mm) welded pipes in key domestic cities is 5,123 yuan, down 26 yuan from the price of the previous trading day; the average price of 4-inch (3.75mm) galvanized pipes in key domestic cities The price is 5995 yuan, down 33 yuan from the price of the previous trading day; the average price of 219*6 spiral tubes in key domestic cities is 5521 yuan; the average price of 50*50*2.5 square tubes in key domestic cities is 5191 yuan.

直缝焊管的基本选购要点介绍- 东鹏博大官网-天津钢管厂家

In terms of raw materials, the ex-factory price of ordinary carbon billet in Tangshan Changli (HX) and local steel mills in Tangshan is 4,380 yuan including tax, and the price is locked. Some of them have been lowered by 10-20 yuan. The mainstream spot price in Tangshan market is 4,600 yuan including tax. The forward price is basically the same as the spot price, and the low-level transaction is acceptable.

In terms of pipe factories, the price of welded and plated pipe factories continued to decrease by 30-50 yuan today. As of June 15, the transaction price of the main pipe factory in Tangshan was 4,770 yuan for 4-inch (3.75) welded pipe and 5,660 yuan for galvanized pipe. Individual reactions rebounded in the afternoon, and the essence was relatively flexible. In recent days, the production rhythm of the pipe factory in Hebei has been flexibly controlled according to the shipment situation, and the shipment volume has increased due to the low price. However, the shipment situation of local traders is still general, and the driving force is insufficient. In terms of the market, the price of 4-inch (3.75) welded pipe is 4900-5400 yuan, and the galvanized pipe is 5600-6200 yuan, and the price has dropped rapidly. Recently, the management price has been adjusted by nearly 200 yuan, and the market’s bottom-hunting mentality has grown. However, whether the Fed’s interest rate hike will be more than expected tonight, the general environment is bearish, and the operation is generally cautious. Considering that the increase of 200 yuan for raw coke has been fully implemented, the price of billet is locked at 4,380 yuan, and the willingness of the price to continue to decline in a wide range is weakened. It is expected that the price of welded and plated pipes will stop falling temporarily, and wait and see the current direction.

Post time: Jun-16-2022
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