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New Arrival of Scaffolding

Galvanized Steel Layher All Round Scaffold (Made in Tianjin,China)

High Stability:It can be more stable with the diagonal brace fixed on it.the big holes in the rosette are used for the lock pin of the  diagonal brace. Ringlock Scaffolding is the lastest wedge lock system which is easy assembly and time saving. Due to its high stability and bearing capacity,ringlock scaffolding is mainly used in ship building and other construction works at heights.

Long Life Span:Scaffolding parts are connected with auto welding machine to ensure good cracking and deformation resistance.
Multifunctional:It is suitable for all shapes building,the tunnel.the bridge.
It use hot dipped galvanized pipe, cold rolled black steel pipe with paint or hot rolled pipe. Can use more than 10 years for construction.

Post time: Nov-05-2019
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