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Roofing nail: the road to the transformation of China’s hardware industry

China is a big country in the hardware industry, and it has obvious differences with the hardware industry. China’s hardware industry started late, and technology relies on the introduction of advanced foreign technology. However, independent technological innovation is obviously insufficient. With the unbalanced development of the global economy, China’s hardware industry exports are also facing enormous challenges.

According to customs export data, China’s hardware industry exports in recent years exceeded 10 billion, but China’s hardware financial income is only 3.7 billion. Only more than 30% of the district. Therefore, China’s hardware industry exports are clearly entering the market at low prices. This requires China to build a valuable Chinese industrial brand. China’s domestic well-known hardware companies are rarely in the international rankings.

At present, what China needs to do is to build a high-tech hardware industry with Chinese brands. China’s industrial areas are relatively concentrated, and the technology is relatively advanced. For example, China’s Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions, hardware industry technology has high competition in China. Sex, therefore, China should aim at the key point of technology to accelerate the transformation of China’s hardware industry, transforming from a large producing country into a technological power, and advanced technology can ensure that China’s hardware products are at a price advantage.

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Post time: Nov-08-2019
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