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What is angle steel bar, what are its characteristics and uses?

Angle steel bar, commonly known as angle iron in the industry, is a long strip of steel with right angles on both sides. The material is usually ordinary carbon structural steel and low alloy steel.


Classification of angle steel bar: It is usually divided according to the different specifications of both sides of the angle steel, which is divided into equal-sided angle steel and unequal-sided angle steel.

1. Equilateral angle steel, angle steel with the same length of two sides.

2. Unequal angle steel, angle steel with different side lengths. The unequal-sided angle steel is also divided into unequal-sided equal-thickness angle steel and unequal-sided unequal-thickness angle steel according to the difference in the thickness of the two sides.

Features of angle steel bar:

1. The angular structure makes it have good supporting strength.

2. Under the same supporting strength, the angle steel is lighter in weight, consumes less material, and saves costs.

3. The construction is more flexible and takes up less space.


Because of its high cost performance, angle steel is widely used in housing construction, bridges, tunnels, wire towers, ships, brackets, steel structures and other fields, playing the role of supporting or fixing structures.

Specifications and models of angle steel: usually expressed as “side length * side length * side thickness”, for example, “50*36*3″ means unequal angle steel with side lengths of 50mm and 36mm, and thickness of 3mm. There are many specifications and models of equilateral angle steel, which are selected according to the different needs of the project. The equilateral angle steel with 50mm side length and 63mm side length is mostly used.

Post time: Jun-13-2022
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