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Africa is a “geographic continent”, a “population continent” and a “resource continent” with a broad investment market and great investment potential. Since the 1990s, political conditions in most African countries have stabilized, the economy has begun to grow, the investment environment has improved, and international capital has begun to re-inject. However, the differences in economic development level, infrastructure level, population density, national income, and consumption level in African countries are very obvious, resulting in significant differences in investment environments among countries.
Yin Haiwei, a Ph.D. student at Nanjing University, used the data published by relevant international organizations to conduct a comprehensive quantitative evaluation of the investment environment of African countries through a relatively comprehensive indicator system and a more objective data processing method.
The results show that the investment environment of 55 countries and regions in Africa is quite different. South Africa (3.151) with the highest investment environment score is 7.84 times of the lowest score of Western Sahara (0.402); the investment environment is not high overall, score Only South Africa, Mauritius and Libya are worth more than three, and only two to three are Egypt, Seychelles, Tunisia, Botswana, Gabon and Algeria. Among them, Nigeria, Morocco, Zimbabwe, etc. For each country and region, the remaining 25 countries and regions score less than one.
The investment environment is excellent, including South Africa, Mauritius, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Botswana and other nine countries. These countries are at the middle and upper reaches of the developing countries of the world, and are in the forefront of African countries. The infrastructure and science and education are also located in Africa. The forefront of the country.
The investment environment is good, including 21 countries and regions such as Morocco, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Zambia. These countries are at the middle and lower reaches of the developing countries in the world, while they are at the middle and upper reaches of African countries, and the infrastructure and scientific and educational level are also They are all located in the upper reaches of African countries, and many countries are rich in African countries.
The regions with poor investment environment include 12 countries and regions such as Uganda, Madagascar, Gambia and Guinea, most of which belong to the world’s least developed countries, are at the lower level of African countries, and have poor infrastructure and science and education.

In view of the huge growth potential of steel demand in Africa in the future, and the local steel production capacity is seriously insufficient, there is a large trading opportunity for exporting steel to Africa in the short to medium term. However, in the long run, it is a good choice to invest in steel mills in Africa.

So we’re planning to make a factory in Africa Market to do steel pipe, steel sheet, steel plate.,etc.

Post time: Nov-04-2019
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